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Bioactive skin care

- Operates in depth and produces long-term results.

The Secret of Beautiful Hair

Nannic HSR (Hair, scalp & roots) stimulates the growth of new hair.

Experience the NBE treatments

One of the most in-demand skin care treatments at Bokadirekt.

Experience NBE Massage

A pioneering method with profound effects against stiff and tense muscles

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International brand

Nannic is available in 38 countries and is only distributed by authorized resellers.

Nannic Delivery

Scientifically developed

The products are manufactured in Belgium and in the laboratory, researchers as well as dermatologists collaborate from all over the world.

Nannic Delivery

Leading trendsetters

Develops new innovative products and is a leader in results-oriented skin care.

Nannic Skin Care 5


Through continuous collaboration with experts and research centers worldwide, Nannic goes to the source of the skin problem and develops outstanding products that operate in depth.


Nannic Hair Care 6


Nannic HSR – Hair, Scalp & Roots is a unique concept with cutting-edge technology based on over 8 years of research. The hair becomes stronger and gets more volume further stimulating the growth of new hair.

Nannic Treatment V5


Market-leading treatments without surgical procedures performed worldwide. NBE treatments are a revolutionary breakthrough in modern and results-oriented skin care.

Authorized dermatologists

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Available in over 340 salons in Sweden, from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south.


Large supply of products from Nannic


Offers the popular NBE treatments


Certified salons for your safety


Search your city and address to find a salon or clinic that suits you

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REM Nannic New Inspiration

A complete concept

For salon, clinic & spa


High-tech devices


Specially developed treatment serums


Complete skincare range


Furniture and furnishings


Training centre with 80 courses annually


Graphic production and own printing 


Work clothes, towels and accessories


All courses & events

In our training centre at headquarters, we offer more than 80 courses a year. 

NBE Demo Day in Gothenburg

NBE Demo Day in Gothenburg First Hotel G, 7-8 October, 10:00 - 18:00There is finally an opportunity to...

Skin and cosmetics 2022

This year's big trade fair Skin and Cosmetics 8 - 9 SeptemberWe look forward to seeing you at...


Epithelium+ new packaging

The power of Epithelium+ in new packagingThe best-selling Epithelium+ has a new look! Now you can easily...

Vegan products

The products are Vegan, bioactive, animal friendly and dermatologically tested.VEGANACTIVEEach formula...

NANNC Intense Lip Repair

Nannic 3D Miracle Lips back!Nannic 3D Miracle Lips is finally back, but now under...

The Protecting Hand Concept

WORLD NEWS! The Protecting Hand ConceptYour hands are one of your most important tools, therefore...

Product news

Stockholm Beauty Awards

Nannic continues to win awardsStockholm Beauty Awards recently took place in Sweden. NANNIC...

Supports the Swedish women's national handball team

Nannic Sweden supports the Swedish women's national handball teamWe sponsored the Swedish...

I media

Welcome to Nannic Sweden

Head Office Education, warehouse and administrationFast deliveries from our warehouse in Stockholm,...


Skincare products

Cleansing care

A gentle cleansing series carefully adapted to gently cleanse the skin while preserving the natural protective barrier

Active serum

Highly concentrated serums enriched with multiactive ingredients that reach deep into the skin and, among other things, counteract skin aging and repair damage.


Serum-in-cream technology that protects the skin from external stress whilst deeply penetrating the skin with active ingredients.


Exclusive skincare range based on cutting-edge cell research. Provides the cells with concentrated nutrition and probiotics that slow down skin aging.

Hair care products


Effectively cleanse the hairand scalp.


Moisturizes, repairs and gives hair volume.


Nourishes and provides growth to the hair follicles and scalp.

Caring spray

Provides luster, nourishment and protection to the hair.

NBE Treatments


Lovely relaxing treatments for face, body and deep muscle massage. With the help of electromagnetic energy, specially developed serums are channeled deep into the skin. Gives visible results instantly.

NBE Deep Skin

A revolutionary duo concept for facials. A mechanical peel that deeply cleanses the skin and a unique microchannel technology combined with specially developed serums. Gives visible results instantly.

Cleaning & Algae Masks

Cleansing that gently removes dirt and prepares the skin for the upcoming treatment. The lovely algae masks close the pores, moisturize and optimize the absorption of the active serums.


In our training center, we offer over 80 courses annually, from treatment methods and marketing to sales techniques, and we also invite you to several inspiration days.

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