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We value you as a retailer and our goal is to always offer you the best products and conditions on the market. Now we can offer all retailers to join for free as web resellers. Through a unique link, banner or code, your salon is selected as the default at checkout on and you receive a full margin on orders from final consumers. The customer can also manually choose your salon as their favorite.

What does it mean to be a connected web reseller?

That you can sell and receive commission on all Nannic products if the customer chooses to shop the products online at

What commission does the salon receive?

The salon receives a full margin* on the products that you have in stock and offers to your customers. For the products that the salon does not sell and market, half the margin* is obtained.

*The margin on the products is calculated on the basis of an average of 40 percent. From this, an average of 9.5 percent is deducted for the actual costs each order entails (Klarna's payment service, shipping and packaging).


How much does it cost?
Joining is completely free of charge, no hidden fees, notice period or connections.


What do I get as a salon?

  • You get a full margin and don't have to do anything.
  • Your customers get an increased service and can buy products from you, 24 hours a day.
  • We stand for technology development, integrations and agreements.
  • We stand for personnel, technical equipment and handling.
  • Helps you get started for free
  • We also market all products and treatments directly to end customers on Social Media, in newsletters and short films.


  • Tracking links
  • Banners
  • Code

What can I do to increase my sales?

  • Social media – be active and share products, results, etc.
  • Link your website to
  • Add and update the marketing material from us
  • Spread your knowledge and what you think about the products




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