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The infinite possibilities of hands

The union of the human desire to evolve and the fine motor skills of our hands creates endless possibilities. With its unique combination of strength, dexterity and fine motor skills, the human hand is an outstanding tool for daily grasping, holding, turning, pressing, writing or touching. It makes our hands a true miracle.

Our hands are strong, soft and sensitive at the same time, giving us the opportunity to express our practical skills whether we are a skin therapist, hairdresser, pastry chef or musician. Every movement, from strength to fine motor skills, is controlled like a musical work as a conducted interplay. A network of muscles, tendons and ligaments interact with 27 independent small bones. It is surrounded by an elastic and supple skin that allows flexible freedom of movement, while a multitude of fine merocrine sweat glands provide a firm grip on smooth surfaces. As the temperature rises, the merocrine sweat glands are activated and sweat is secreted through the pores. The veins on the fingertips swell, which in turn provides an even better grip. This perfectly designed interaction in our hands gives us a unique range of motion.

Our hands also form part of our non-verbal communication skills, able to act as point and commas in our conversations. They are at the centre of visible attention and ultimately define who we are. Just by studying a person's hands we get information about age and identity.

No piece of music, no brushstroke, no book or pastry has ever been created without our hands transforming the vision in our minds into a real creation.

Your hands are one of your most important tools, so it's important to look after them as carefully as your face. Experience a revolutionary new concept to gently but effectively: clean, repair and protect your hands. Three unique products that are Vegan and Organic certified. Now the famous hand products are finally available in Sweden.

Cleansing foam

Hand foam that cleans effectively without damaging the skin's barrier.

Hand serum

Moisturising serum that instantly repairs the skin.

Nitrile gloves

Biodegradable gloves that optimise the absorption of the serum.

Exclusive hand spa box

The ultimate hand spa to clean, repair & protect.


Breaks the infection chain of bacteria and viruses

Hand Care 3


effective but gentle, is it possible?

Thorough hand hygiene is an increasingly important factor in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Whether it's a cold, flu or more serious infectious diseases such as covid-19, SARS, tuberculosis or similar, hand washing is crucial to slowing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Frequent hand washing is synonymous with the removal of pathogens, i.e. infectious microorganisms. Our hands are constantly touching foreign objects or other people. When we grab the handle of a shopping trolley or bus, when we use the tools at the gym or when we are at work, bacteria and viruses are transferred to our hands in abundance. Through our hands, they spread to other parts of our body and can cause gastrointestinal infections, flu, colds, mucosal inflammation and inflamed facial acne.

But did you know that there are also disadvantages to washing your hands too often with unnecessarily aggressive soap? Each wash strains the skin's protective barrier as lipids, which retain moisture in the skin and protect against foreign particles, are literally dissolved and washed away. Instead of protecting ourselves, it becomes easier for bacteria to penetrate the skin causing infections. That's why Nannic has developed a completely unique product.


Nannic Nourishing Cleansing Foam
A gentle cleansing foam that is gentle on the protective lipid layer of the hands while effectively breaking the chain of infection of bacteria and viruses. The cleansing foam is enriched with nourishing, softening and moisturising oils to prevent dryness and irritation. Nourishing Cleansing Foam is free of sulfates and is also recommended for sensitive skin.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with Nourishing Cleansing Foam to allow the soap molecules to break down the membrane pathogens. Remember the area between your fingers, under your nails and on the back of your hands (back of the hand).


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Ultra repairing hand serum

A deeply hydrating multi-active serum that instantly repairs the skin.

The Handbook Sweden New Version 1.7 A4 Print Page 29


How does it affect the barrier of the hands?

Regular hand disinfection has become the 'new normal' since the introduction of covert restrictions and various types of alcohol-based gels are available everywhere to prevent the spread of the virus. What used to be mostly used in healthcare and food institutions to prevent the spread of bacteria is now available everywhere in public settings.

Gel with an alcohol concentration of 70% is ideal for disinfection, but some caution must be exercised here. The high alcohol concentration is also very harmful to the skin, especially the thinner skin on the back of the hands and on the skin around our fingers. Frequent use of alcohol-based gel dries out the skin, making it very sensitive. Our hands are more active than any other part of the body on a daily basis and because of this continuous activity, the skin on our hands is as sensitive, if not more sensitive, than the skin on our face. It is therefore particularly important to properly care for and maintain the moisture balance of the skin on our hands.

There is a difference between the skin on the back of the hands (the back of the hand) and the skin on the palms of the hands. The skin on the back of the hands is very thin and there is little subcutaneous fat. Therefore, the skin on the back of the hands ages more quickly and becomes more sensitive and prone to inflammation. Pigment cells ensure that the backs of the hands get a tan, but too much sun often leads to age spots.

The skin of the palms is much firmer and contains more fatty tissue and connective tissue. Due to the lack of hair follicles, there is also a lack of sebaceous glands, which in turn means that the palms are unable to moisturise. When the palms dry out, they develop cracks and furrows that can easily become inflamed and painful.

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"Ultimately, we've learnt that even small visible forces are capable of wielding their power over the world. So let it be a blend of micro forces that rejuvenates the skin of the hand and restores its elasticity and beauty. We are that person, according to what we do with our hands; a musician, a painter or a skin therapist "

René Nagels

Scientist in dermatology & founder of Nannic International R&d.


Clean, Repair & Protect

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