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The beauty of our hair originates in the invisible - more specifically in the parts of the hair that we cannot see. Just as we care for our face with cleansers, serums and creams, our hair, scalp and roots require daily care. Since our body no longer produces new hair follicles after birth, it becomes especially important to give them the right nutrition and care.

The first step towards beautiful and healthy hair always starts with careful care and attention to the scalp. The strength, health and quality of hair is closely linked to the health of the hair roots, which in turn reflects our overall health. To achieve beautiful hair, it is of utmost importance that we do not only take care of the visible parts of our hair. It is the scalp and hair roots that need the most care.

Healthy hair is as strong as steel, but even steel can break down if not properly maintained.

Nannic HSR - Hair, Scalp & Roots is a pioneering concept based on over eight years of research. Each hair is treated individually, from root to tip. We restore the natural biological balance of the scalp, resulting in a healthy and prosperous scalp. Hair growth is effectively stimulated, and the new hair becomes stronger and more voluminous. The hair follicles are activated and hair loss is prevented. Experience the ultimate hair care series that gives your hair strength and health.

Experience Nannic HSR - for healthier and stronger hair.


Effectively cleanses the hairand scalp.


Moisturizes, repairs and volumizes the hair.


Provides nourishment and growth to the hair follicles and scalp.

Caring spray

Gives shine, nourishment and protection to the hair.


Strong hair from root to top

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Nannic HSR optimizes the 3 most important parts of the hair: the visible hair, scalp and hair roots.

Nannic HSR Shampoo and Conditioner repair the scale layer and strengthen the protection around the core of the hair as a protective shield. The hair becomes strong and supple again. Smooth, closed scales make hair beautifully glossy and airy. Nannic HSR Caring Spray nourishes and protects the hair from heat and wear and tear damage from styling. Nannic HSR Day serum provides energy and vitality to thin hair, stimulates cell energy (ATPs) and collagen type IV providing more powerful and stronger hair follicles. Restores balance and stimulates the scalp and hair roots to prevent hair loss. The herbal hormone auxin found in Nannic HSR Night serum blocks the production of DHT and prevents the formation of an excess of sebum on the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

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To achieve and preserve a beautiful, healthy and full-bodied hair, the hair, scalp and hair roots need daily nutrition. Nannic HSR - Hair, Scalp & Roots is a unique concept with cutting-edge technology based on over 8 years of research. The growth phase of the hair is stimulated effectively and the new hair becomes stronger and gets more volume, the hair follicles are activated and hair loss is prevented.

Background to Nannic HSR

As a product developer of Nannic HSR and founder of Nannic International R&D, I am proud to share my own story. When I noticed in 2010 that my hair had suddenly become thinner, I immediately decided to do something about it.

I discovered that there was something missing on the market, most products focused solely on the visible hair without taking into account the hair roots and scalp. Together with leading researchers, I began my journey to develop a concept to visibly increase the growth of new hair but also make hair healthier and stronger in the long term. 8 years later, after in-depth research and development of cutting-edge technologies, I finally found the revolutionary solution that today is the foundation of Nannic HSR.

The image you see of me just below shows the results after using the products included in nannic HSR regularly for six months. I am very proud and happy about this and I hope that you will soon experience an equally satisfactory result.

René Nagels

Scientist in dermatology & founder of Nannic International R&d.

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