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Your privacy is important to us and we work actively to ensure that your personal data is protected.

Nannic intends to process all personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, internal guidelines and data protection rules. We only use our customers' personal data in our own operations and we never sell personal data to other companies without your permission. Below you can read our privacy policy where we describe what rights you have, as well as how we collect, manage, use and protect your personal data in connection with ordering, service and other contact such as visits to the website

Privacy & Cookies Policy


What personal data we process and why
We collect and process personal data about you when you use our services such as making a purchase, visiting our website, contacting our customer service or otherwise making contact with Nannic. Personal data is information that is used to identify an individual. Our collection and processing of personal data is primarily for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations to you as a customer to administer orders, billing, provide customer service, administer customer accounts, handle complaints and returns, fulfill delivery and warranty requests, and offer delivery and payment methods. We also use the information to analyze and risk assess users to prevent fraud or inappropriate use of our services and to comply with applicable laws such as accounting laws. Collected data may also be used to develop our services and products and for marketing purposes to provide relevant offers.

When you place an order on our online store, we store information such as your name, address, social security number, phone number, email address, customer number, IP address, delivery details and payment information. All personal data you provide to us is processed by Nannic. In order to fulfill our obligations to you as a customer, we may also share your information with our partners such as payment service provider, logistics company and TA system provider. When paying by invoice or instalment, you also provide your social security number or organization number to our partner Klarna, who uses the information to assess your creditworthiness. Once Klarna has approved your invoice, we will have access to the information to administer and manage the order and to simplify future orders.
Klarna's data protection policy.

When updating the address, we collect and update address information via third-party services. If the delivery is made from an external party, information such as name, social security number, delivery address, telephone and ordered products can be passed on to our suppliers.

If you have created an account with login to our website, we will save your contact details, order history, vouchers, discount offers, product reviews, wish list products and bonus points. If you subscribe to our newsletter and/or SMS mailings, by giving your consent to this on our online shop or having requested this via the form on our website, we will use your name, phone number and email address to promote our products via email and/or SMS. You can unsubscribe from receiving mailings via SMS or e-mail by sending the stop code stated in the SMS message or clicking on the link to unsubscribe in the newsletter. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we save your order history with our partner Emarketeer, as well as save information about which offers you have been interested in after you read and click on any link in the newsletter and which pages you visit on our online shop. We may also provide customized online advertising via Emarketeer if you subscribe to the newsletter.

To send you relevant offers, we may sometimes use profile data from the Google Analytics tool that automatically collects and analyzes IP addresses, purchase history and browser behavior on our website. We use this to develop our services and promote products that we think you have an interest in. Data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console is saved for 26 months. If you do not want Google Analytics to save your information, you can use add-ons to your browser: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

The Chat tool Zendesk available on our website can be used in two modes, offline with email contact and online with chat. The service is managed by an external party, which uses and saves cookies to manage conversations and relevant information. When using the chat tool on our website, you agree that your name, email address, IP address and chat and email conversations will be saved with Zendesk. Information about which pages you visit on our webshop and what you put in your shopping cart can also be saved. The information is stored for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected. If you do not want Olark to save and manage your information, you can turn this off by not allowing cookies in your browser.

In some cases, we may transfer your personal data to authorities, if we are required by law to disclose the information. We may also disclose personal data to other recipients and parties such as courts and counterparties in connection with a legal dispute. This is to satisfy our interest in establishing and defending our legal claims. When selling all or part of the business or in the event of a merger, personal data may be shared with advisors and potential buyers. We may share personal data with selected companies other than those listed above if necessary to provide security, handle product advertisements and warranties, detect and prevent fraud or fix technical problems.

We use cookies on our website. When you visit Nannic, we save information about what you click on, what you put in the shopping cart and which products you order. If your browser is set to allow cookies, we understand that you agree that we can place cookies on your computer. You can change this yourself by not allowing cookies in your browser.

How long do we store your data?
If you have consented to a purchase, your data will be stored until such time as you request to close your account or delete the data. You can unsubscribe as a customer at any time. Nannic stores your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, and to provide you with good customer service. If you have placed an order, requested a quote or created an account with Nannic with a login, your personal data is stored in our database. The data is stored indefinitely as long as you consent to it. You can unsubscribe as a customer at any time. Personal data related to orders in our financial system are stored for at least 7 years in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act. However, your personal data may be stored for a longer period of time if it is necessary for legal requirements or to protect Nannic's legal interests. We never store data for longer than is permitted under applicable personal data legislation. If you wish to terminate your account or delete your data, it may take up to 30 days for this to take effect.

Your rights
When it comes to the processing of your personal data, you have a number of rights under data protection legislation. We process your personal data to the extent necessary to comply with legal rights.

You have the right to access your personal data. You can request confirmation if we process personal data about you when you wish to request confirmation. Once per calendar year, you can request, through a written signed application, to obtain a register extract on which information and for what purpose we have registered this data. The extract shall also contain information to which the recipients of the information have been or are to be provided, and on where the data have been retrieved from. Requests for register extracts cannot be sent by e-mail but must be sent to us by post to the postal address listed under the contact information.

You have the right to request rectification of your personal data and Nannic may, at your request or on its own initiative, correct, delete and supplement data if it is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or irrelevant. In case of modification or deletion of personal data or if you choose to close your account, it may take up to about 30 days before this takes effect. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data with future effect.

You have the right to have your personal data deleted. Data cannot be deleted where there are legitimate reasons why we are required by law to retain the data or if the data is necessary for us to fulfil the commitment for the purpose for which it was collected. In cases, we will only store the data that we are required by law to keep. If the processing is based solely on consent and this is revoked, your data will be deleted.

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data for marketing purposes. If you have given consent to Nannic to store and use your personal data for marketing purposes, you may withdraw this consent at any time. Withdrawal may be limited to only part of the processing.

You have the right to data portability if your personal data is to be exported or transferred from one system to another. This means the right, under certain conditions, to obtain and transfer your personal data in a widely used format.

If you wish to have your personal data changed or deleted, you can contact our customer service. If you have an account with login to our website, you can see and change your details under "my pages". You can reach our customer service via email

We protect your personal data
You can feel safe when you shop with Nannic. When you provide us with your information, we handle your personal data securely. We have well-developed procedures and have several security measures in place against unlawful or unauthorised processing of personal data. Only those persons who need access to personal data in order to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer have access to it. We are constantly working to ensure that both we and our systems are up to date with current security standards. Our IT systems protect your personal data in a secure manner. We have appropriate firewalls and anti-virus software to prevent unauthorised access to the network. Sensitive information on the website is always sent as encrypted (SSL).

Links to other websites
This Privacy Policy applies to online business. If you are linked from our website to another website, you should read the privacy policy that applies to that site. Nannic is not responsible for the processing of your personal data by other websites.

Action plan
If we suspect that a breach has occurred involving personal data, we will notify the Data Protection Authority. We will then notify what data has been affected, the number of people affected, any consequences, our actions taken and planned. If we assess that any person is at risk, the affected persons will also be informed.

Modification of Privacy Policy
Nannic has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will always be published on our website.

Supervisory authority
In Sweden, the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen) is the supervisory authority that monitors compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation by those who process personal data. You have the right to lodge a complaint if you believe that a company is processing your personal data in breach of the GDPR.

You can read more about the General Data Protection Regulation and what rights you have on the Swedish Data Protection Authority's website.

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