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Nannic is a 3rd generation international family business specialising in the development of unique skin and hair products and equipment for professional treatments. The company operates in 38 countries and is headquartered in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium. Research, development and production are carried out in its own laboratory together with leading scientists and dermatologists from all over the world.


"We share a passion for developing honest products that deliver what they promise"

René Nagels, researcher and founder of Nannic.

Although there are few Belgian skin and hair care products that are so internationally acclaimed around the world, Nannic products are not on the shelves of the major retailers. Nannic works with quality B2B, which means that the products are offered through selected retailers such as salons, clinics, SPAs and pharmacies where specialised expertise is available. In Sweden there are over 400 authorised retailers. Nannic does not launch new products and appliances on an assembly line, but each process for a new product is based on extensive research and carefully follows European standards.

Products that deliver long-lasting results are achieved by combining solid research with carefully selected ingredients, and the important thing is to see the whole picture. Nannic focuses not on the symptoms but on the real underlying cause of the skin and hair's reaction and process of ageing. Understanding the fundamental mechanisms is essential to developing products that really deliver. All Nannic products contain medically proven active ingredients and are dermatologically tested.

"It's my genuine interest that drives me, I read every possible study in dermatology and pick out interesting tracks that I then work on" 

René Nagels, together with his partner Tine Janssens and the extensive research team, develops the products in their own laboratory.


René Nagels & Tine Janssens, founders of Nannic International.



Nannic strives to constantly develop and continues to be a trendsetter in innovative skin care and treatments. All nannic products are based on solid science and it is always very important that every formula is 100% safe for our metabolism. Research, development and manufacturing takes place at the head office in Belgium. In their own laboratory, leading researchers and dermatologists from all over the world collaborate.

The brand is distributed in 38 countries and has been nominated as one of the world's best SPA brands. Founded in 1991, Nannic Sweden offers over 100 products in bioactive skin care and is today one of the market leaders in professional skin care treatments.

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