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Galjalyckevägen 16, 294 77 Sölvesborg, Sweden

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For you as a customer, it is a security to go to a certified masseur. My greatest wish is that you feel good and that you feel that my treatment makes a difference in your everyday life. With me you will be treated with commitment, care and respect.

At Corpus Sanus Massage & Health you can choose to get a relaxing massage treatment to unwind in a stressful everyday life. It will be your moment.

We have expertise in the body's lymphatic system, which is so important for us to feel good and have a strong immune system. We offer both manual lymphatic massage and lymphatic therapy with NBE3000. The latter treatment is extremely powerful and reaches your deep lymphatic system. During the treatment, you enjoy a pleasant warmth and pleasant processing of the lymphatic system while the level of stress hormone is reduced and the feel-good hormones flow in the body. The feeling afterwards is wonderful!

We also offer classic massage, therapeutic massage treatments, deep muscle massage with NBE3000, pregnancy massage etc.

Products at the salon

Cleansing Care
Active Serum
Stratum Symbiosum
Special Care
Hair Care
Fresh Care
Self Tan
Hand Care

Starter kit Normal V3

Stratum Symbiosum

Nannic's new revolutionary prebiotic skincare line provides an unbeatable effect on your skin, revitalizing its natural power and initiating an impressively fast recovery process.

Collecting Image Hair Care

Hair Care

Nannic HSR - Hair, Scalp & Roots is a unique concept with groundbreaking technology based on over 8 years of research.

NBE Treatments at the salon

Treatment Image RF Beauty

NBE Beauty Treatments

Relaxing treatment with specially developed serums from Nannic. The active ingredients effectively penetrate deep into the skin and energize the cells. The skin is strengthened and the growth of new cells is stimulated.

Treatment Image RF Massage V3

NBE Massage Treatments

Experience a relaxing massage that produces warmer, softer and more elastic muscles and tissues in a shorter period of time. The body becomes more relaxed and can better and more effectively absorb the treatment.

Treatment areas

Lymphatic therapy


NBE RF Face Treatment
NBE DS Face Treatment
NBE RF Body Treatment
NBE RF Massage Treatment
NBE RF Lymphatic Treatment
Nannic Classic Treatment


NBE 3000
Deep Skin

NBE Focus areas

NBE treatments are individually tailored with the choice of treatment serum and focus areas according to the desired results and skin type. Always consult with your skin therapist about the results you want to achieve and if there are any specific areas or skin problems they should focus on. The salons have slightly different specializations and offerings in terms of the scope of focus areas and below is shown which Corpus Sanus Massage & Health offers.

Wrinkles & lines
Double chin
Heavy eyelids
Impure skin
Superficial vessels
Pigment stains
Enlarged pores
Dark circles under the eyes
Bags under the eyes
Excess fat
Muscle pain
Tense muscles
Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic therapy

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